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SYBC-FA full-automatic compensation cleaner

Our products Suitable for various materials especially the Poor working conditions. Rough surface belt Secondary cleaning, Adaptive width: B500-2400MM. Fit the cold & hot vulcanized joint belt. Also can be used in speed 6m/s, temperature -40to 40 Oil resistance. Corrosion condition. 

 Primary SYBC-FA Conveyor Belt Scraper Cleaner 

Primary SYBC-FA style Cleaner use the news PU Blade, totally with long working life. Take the multi-Compensation directly-pushed spring structure.  Meantime  with the overall galvanization blade can avoid the rust in the long run. 

The main features of the SYBC-FA type sweeper:

1.More than 90% of the cleaning tasks can be completed.

2.The blade use high quality PUR rubber and plastic composite material, using the mold to add sulfur forming, smooth surface, better straightness,lower friction, higher wear-resistance, higher strength, and best stable scraping effect.

3.The PUR scraper is arranged below the roller axis, so that the material can be directly discharged into the hopper.

4.Effective multi-Compensation structure can make sure the steady contact pressure between the scraper and the belt, which is convenient for scraper wear compensation.

5.Easy for for site maintenance and replacement.

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Secondary SYBC-S style cleaner 

Secondary SYBC-S style cleaner use the new alloy blade, which  guide rubber curtain preventing coal accumulation and avoids the accumulation of coal around the blade. The multi-point compensation  the device is compensated by rubber elastic deformation and spring deformation. The service life is long and the compensation response is timely.

The main features of Secondary SYBC-S style cleaner:

1.The new type of reliable compensation device has good impact resistance and shock resistance. It can effectively remove the fine particles on the residual belt, wet sticky material and is not easy to hurt the belt.

2.Special high quality carbide blade, scraper surface leveled into a flat, with long service life.

3.The multi - mediation mechanism facilitates adjusting the contact pressure between the blade and the belt surface.

4.Rubber elastic deformation and spring deformation double action compensation mechanism, the buffer seat combination of large area, no fracture, no material, can avoid the blade crack and belt, also can be used in reverse belt, effectively prevent the blade edge damage skin.

5.Smooth PE blade guard plate can prevent material accumulation and fouling.


Return SYBC-V style sweeper 

Our return SYBC-V style PU sweeper suitable for the front end of the drum and the non working  conveyor belt in front of the tightening position. It effectively reduces the wear of the residual material to the belt when the belt passes through the drum.

The main features of Return SYBC-V style cleaner:

1.Our cleaner is the long service life and good cleaning effect advantage. 

2.Our cleaner blade is made of Special modified polyurethane, which is better  flame retardancy, antistatic, high abrasion resistance, high elasticity, acid and alkali resistance, low friction coefficient and so on. It will not cause damage to the conveyor belt and has long service life.

3.The sweeper's unique plough cleaning structure makes it easier to remove the residue on the surface of the conveyor belt.

4.After the blade is worn, there is no need for manual adjustment. According to the self-weight of the sweeper, the blade compensation can be automatically adjusted.

5.According to the width of the conveyor frame, the installation length of the cleaner  is more convenient and more stable.

6.The sweeper is selected by our spring tightener to make the sweeper better fit the conveyor belt, and the cleaning effect is more stable and efficient.

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